R34 Godzilla!
R34 Godzilla!

R34 Godzilla!

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The Nissan Skyline GT-R is a sports car based on the Nissan Skyline range. The first cars named "Skyline GT-R" were produced between 1969 and 1972 and enjoyed legendary success in local Japanese touring car racing. The formidable technology and performance of the R32 GT-R prompted the Australian motoring publication Wheels to nickname the GT-R "Godzilla" in its July 1989 edition. The Skyline GT-R became the flagship of Nissan performance, showcasing many advanced technologies including the ATTESA E-TS AWD system and the Super-HICAS four-wheel steering.

Today, the car is popular for import drag racing, circuit track, time attack and drift events. Production of the Skyline GT-R ended in August 2002. The car was replaced by the R35 Nissan GT-R, an all-new vehicle based on the V36 Skyline. The car has become an iconic sports car, including countries from the Western World. It has become notable through pop culture such as The Fast and the Furious, Initial DShakotan BoogieWangan MidnightNeed for SpeedForzaDriving Emotion Type-S, and Gran Turismo

This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant